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Turbine health Hazards?

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What are the Health Hazards to Humans and Animals?

  • Potential Sun /Light flicker/strobe effect caused by such large blades at times of low sun causing major annoyance for residents in the shadow (most of the village) and also a driving hazard at times of low sun (much of the day in the winter time). Flicker not only causes annoyance which can affect wellbeing, promote feelings of irritability and anger (leading to aggression), but can also cause migraines and other health hazards. For some people, flashing lights can trigger potentially lethal epileptic seizures.
  • Potential noise disturbance to the school and dwellings across the whole frequency spectrum (the swish swish swish of blades for instance).
  • Very low frequency noise (that low rumbling noise you can barely hear but you feel it in your body) in particular is associated with health hazards such as anxiety and depression; aggravation and aggression; insomnia and/or loss of quality in sleep; lessened concentration and a general malaise. This affects not only humans but wild and domestic animals and birds. No amount of double glazing will keep it out of your house, it travels through wall unimpeded.
  • Potential harm to domestic animals, horses, cattle and sheep on the surrounding grazing land – and on your pets whose hearing is more sensitive than yours is.
  • Potential damage to wildlife - bats, badgers and birds etc. as well.