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The Dearne Dead Windfarm Application was turned down by Kirklees on 22nd August 2013 but on the exact same places that the T3 and T4 turbines of Dearne Head would have been there are two new turbine threats to Birdsedge and High Flatts.


A very large 67metre tall 500 megawatt wind turbine to be built at Hey Side Farm, Windmill Lane. (on the site of the recently refused Turbine 4 of the Dearne HeadWindfarm.) Yes, it's a little bit smaller than the Dearne Head Turbines, but it's still a very sgnificant size and it's STILL TOO BIG and TOO CLOSE to housing, the school, the church and the Castle Hill Scheduled Ancient Monument site. Please write to Kirklees Council again if you wish to show your continued objection to inappropriately sited large wind turbines in our area. The planning application for this 67 metre or 220 feet tall wind turbine is 2013/92443.You can object on the grounds of:

  • No special circumstances for an industrial wind turbine in the green belt
  • Loss of visual amenity
  • The cumulative impact of all the wind-turbines in the area (26 so far)
  • Proximity to Scheduled Ancient Monument, Castle Hill, High Flatts
  • Sun flicker affecting village houses

Don't forget that each person in the household can object separately and any businesses can also object as an entity. Please send your objections as soon as possible - by email to or by post to
Planning Department, Kirklees Council, PO Box B93, Civic Centre 3, Huddersfield, HD1 2JR. Many thanks for your continued support


Proposed turbine development by Newgen off Windmill Lane on the high point overlooking the estate at Birdsedge on land belonging to Mr I Jones. Turbine height 150 feet, elevation above village 100 feet. Total overlook height 250 feet. At this stage there is no need to object to Kirklees as we don't yet have a planning application number, but you can object to Newgen via Mr M Coates, TJ Coates Ltd, 2 Unity Hall Court, West Ardsley, Wakefield, WF3 1BE.

You can also write to your local Kirklees counsellor to inform them of the potential threat. Councillor Jim Dodds is already aware and working on the community's behalf.


1) Object to the plan to build a 220 foot turbine at Hey Side Farm, just off Windmill Lane Birdsedge. Less than 800 metres from housing. Kirklees planning portal number: 2013/92443

2) Write and tell Newgen that you object to the proposed single turbine development off Windmill Lane. Write via Mr M Coates, TJ Coates Ltd, 2 Unity Hall Court, West Ardsley, Wakefield, WF3 1BE.

3) Wait until we tell you to object formally to Kirklees about the Widmill Lane Turbine.

4) Keep an eye open for planning applications for more turbines in the area via the Kirklees Planning Portal and Barnsley Council's website.

5) Join the BOLT committee. We've been tilting at turbines since 2009 and would love some help/new enthusiasm/renewed energy. Contact Jacey on 01484 606230.

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