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What about safety? How close is too close?

Good question!

Wind turbines ripped apart by gale force winds in Hudddersfield (Cumberworth): Jan 6th 2012

In the high winds in early 2012 hardly any of the smaller turbines in our area were left standing without damage. Accidents can and do happen - more often than the developers would have you think.

Wind turbine on Scapegoat Hill, Huddersfield, records winds of 65mph

Many parts of the European Union has a recommended standoff from houseing of 2kilometres. This figure hasn't been chosen arbirarily. Europe's finest minds worked out the sensible safe distance taking into consideration both health and safety factors. The only reason we're fighting this proposed windfarm now is that England has not adopted the European guidelines yet. They may do later - but by that time it will be too late for us.

Scotland has adopted the guidelines. Clever Scotland!

The map which has come into our hands detailing the new plan for the 2012 application shows four wind turbines. Though the developers say they've made them smaller they've only reduced the height by 10 metres. The turbines are still 100 metres high and set on the hill above the village which gives them added height - and added reach for ice throw and debris throw. In the video above debris was thrown over the distance of half a mile - that's 804 metres. All but one of the turbines would throw debris all across the estate and the school and as far as the A629 if the brakes failed in high winds.

T1 is 900 metres from Park Head and the village but much closer to the hoses at Five Lane Ends and Haddingley.

T2 is at thr top of Birdsedge Lane within topple distance of both roads and is approximately 500 metres from the church and the cottages at the farm and 650 metres from the school

T3 has been moved a little further back from the village and is no longer on the crown of castle Hill (where the test mast is) but is now right next to the road, withn topple distance. And it's still slightly less than 600 nmetres from the nearest houses.

T4 is in the field just across Windmill Lane from T3 and has also been moved closer to the road, again within topple distance. Though it's further from the village it's very close to the small housing development at Broadstones Farm.

Still too big and too close!

Never mind the two kilometre guideling. These turbines are within one kilometre of the villages of Birdsedge and High Flatts and within 2 kilometres of parts of Shepley, Denby, Upper Cumberworth, Sovereign, Lane Head and Ingbirchworth.

This is what happened on 4/2/2011

Windfarm turbine fire Ardrossan 08/12/11 taken from over a mile away




Blade snaps off Wind Turbine in Scotland
BBC News 23rd march 2010

Read here

Turbine failureSAFETY

There is potential danger caused by debris, (turbine parts) due to mechanical failure, as has been experienced in Scottish, American and European wind farms and even (twice) in a turbine in Sheffield. Turbines can fail and when they do so, they fail spectacularly and dangerously

Potential dangers caused by ice being flung from the blades in winter (heavy chunks as large as 2 feet across having been reported in Lincolnshire). From a very large wind turbine the 'throw' could be up to 700 metres. (And we are in the same area in which accumulated ice brought down Emley Moor mast in March 1969, so don't say: It will never happen here.)

Massive disruption to local roads for many months during construction including the enlargement of junctions in order for the extra large vehicles to turn to reach the site. This is not just a disruption to local and agricultural traffi. Our rural roads are used by horse riders, cyclists, walkers, dog-walkers, runners and hikers as well.

Potential for a mid-air accident as there is a local airstrip within 1 km of turbines (which will be in the flight path of the only runway)

There are hundreds of reportsand videos on the net showing spectacular turbine failure or ice damage or mid-air collisons. Don't take our word fro it. Google 'wind turbine failure' or ;wind turbine fire' or wind turbine accident' and see how many hits you get.

A blade fell off a turbine in Lincolnshire
See the BBC report here
The telling part oif this news report is here " A spokesman said the turbines were in a very isolated location and there was no danger to property or the public. An inspection is due to be carried out. "

This report says a turbine was destroiyed by a UFO
Yeah, right... and then you read a little bit further down and discover that it was probably hit by something airborne and unidentified. We're not talking aliens, we're talking aircraft. I'm sure Mr Mallinson who flies his light aircraft frm his private airstrip in the lee of the proposed turbines is thrilled by this.
It turned out to be only broken bolts securing the blades to the hub. Not aliens. Should we be relieved? I don't think so.

Here's a nice comforting list of wind farm accidents - many of them fatal.