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Why are turbines a Bad Thing?

Government coverup about noise levels - From the Times Online website

Turbine safety

Turbine health Hazards?

Isn't Green Energy a good idea if we're going to save the world from Climate Change?

Links to articles, web sites and downloads about wind turbines and energy policy


Links to Books, Websites and Media Articles available on the Web

The Wind Farm Scam by John Etherington (book)

Wind Turbine Syndrome by Nina Pierpoint (book and website)

Letter to Prime minister by 100 MPs, April 2012

Wind turbines ripped apart by gale force winds in Hudddersfield: Jan 6th 2012

An ill wind blows for Denmark's green energy revolution

Wind farms: monument to lunacy.

Blade snaps off Wind Turbine in Scotland
BBC News 23rd March 2010

Feeble windfarms fail...
Times Online 22nd March 2010

Exclusive: Wind power doubts as cold snap brought turbines to standstill
Yorkshire Post: 11th February 2010

Cold Realities of Wind farms that Won't Work when it Snows
Yorkshire Post, 11th February 2010

Noise complaints about one in six windfarms
Telegraph, 6th March 2010

Wind farms can cause noise... and make some people ill
Telegraph, 28th January 2010

Windfarm battle (over noise) goes to high court
Telegraph 16th September 2009

Homeowners living near windfarms see property values plummet
Telegraph, 26th July 2008

Wind Farms risk becoming redundant symbols
Telegraph, 24th July 2009

People in the country told to accept many thousands of new windfarms
Telegraph 16th July 2009

Labour prepares to tear up ten years of energy policy
The Times, Robin Pagnamenta, Energy Editor, 1st February 2010

Villages unite to battle latest windfarm plans.
Huddersfield Express & Chronicle, Huddersfield, 9th January 2010

Problem with Wind Power

Romans Join Fight Against Wind Turbine Plans

Pdf download from the Centre for Policy Studies
'Wind Chill' Why wind energywill not fill the UK's Energy Gap

Country Guardian

List of groups campaigning against windfarms